My previous article “Inotify in Containers” has demonstrated that when ConfigMap is mounted as directories, any changes in the ConfigMap will propagate to related pods.

A follow-up question might be: what if the ConfigMap is mounted as environment variables?

Some said that the answer is NO in Kubernetes1; even in the old Docker world2. Therefore, I’d like to begin with a simple experiment to try to answer the question: After a container starts, will it see any changes of environment variables?

The experiment material is available at , and here’s a simple demo:


It is obvious in the demo that the changes of environment variables will not affect already-running processes inside the containers — let alone pods in the Kubernetes world.

To simply put, if you want ConfigMap to propagate its changes to related pods, mount the ConfigMap as directories, not environment variables.

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  1. An analysis of ConfigMap hot-reload can be found in the article by Jimmy Song: “ConfigMap 的热更新”. ↩︎

  2. A good Q&A in Stack Overflow: Reload configuration when env variable has changed↩︎