Essence of Scrum: Sprint Review

This article discusses the essence of Sprint Review . In a nutshell Sprint Review is a time-boxed1 event in which the Scrum Team and invited stakeholders inspect what has been Done with respect to the Sprint Goal , gain insight into values, and adapt business strategy if necessary. Output Essential: An adapted Product Backlog An adapted business strategy and roadmap2 Better: Celebration3 Input Essential: Sprint Goal Increment 4 Sprint Backlog Better:

Essence of Scrum: Sprint Planning

This article discusses the essence of Sprint Planning . In a nutshell Sprint Planning is a time-boxed1 event in which the Scrum Team defines the Sprint Goal and makes a feasible plan for the goal, to the best knowledge, information and belief of the team. Output Essential: Sprint Goal A feasible plan for achieving the Sprint Goal Sprint Backlog Items with the property of INVEST (Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small,

Blackbox Exporter 小記

在用 Prometheus + Grafana 監控自家服務的同時,我們也會想用同一套系統去監控第三方服務。

本文介紹一個好用的 Prometheus 官方工具:Blackbox exporter,可以省下手刻 curl 腳本的工夫。我也順便介紹一些踩過的雷。

Essence of Scrum: Daily Scrum

This article discusses the essence of Daily Scrum . In a nutshell Daily Scrum is a time-boxed daily event in which the Developers gather together to quickly inspect current performance and to identify necessary actions in order to increase the confidence in achieving the Sprint Goal . Output Essential: Updated confidence in the Sprint Goal supported by evidence. Updated plans, if necessary, for achieving the Sprint Goal . Input Essential:

Essence of Scrum: Product Backlog Refinement

Preface of the series

The series of “Essence of Scrum” articles tries to identify the essence of Scrum elements (e.g., events and artifacts) so that:

  • the core can be understood without much effort.

  • the feeling overwhelmed can be reduced.

  • the gradual adoption is more possible.

My selection and elaboration of “essence” is very subjective. Follow the advice at your own risk.